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Paul Glusman

Photo of Paul GlusmanPaul Glusman is a lawyer who has decades of experience in employment law. He has tried numerous cases, taken cases to arbitration, negotiated cases, mediated cases, and directly settled cases with employers. He has handled all aspects of trial work, including pre-trial work such as discovery and motions, trials themselves, and appeals for many years.

He worked for fifteen years representing employers before changing his practice in 1999 so that he now represents employees. He is well known by both sides of the employment bar and has the respect of both attorneys representing employers as well as those representing employees. His years representing employers has given Mr. Glusman insight as to how company managers and human resources personnel think and how they view employment problems so that he can more effectively represent employees.

Paul Glusman served for three years on the Executive Committee of the State Bar of California's Section on Employment Law. He has served as a small claims court judge and an arbitrator for the superior courts of the Bay Area. He is a member of numerous legal organizations.

He has presented topics at seminars to other lawyers on various aspects of legal procedure and substantive law, including such topics as insurance law, mediation, summary judgment, discovery, and free speech in the workplace.

Mr. Glusman enjoys practicing law. He vigorously and aggressively represents his clients. He believes that most cases will settle and not go to trial, but that only be preparing each case as if it is going to trial and being ready to go to trial can he get the best settlement for his client.

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